Although attending meetings and courses can be very tiring and troublesome in terms of logistics, transportation and accommodations, begrudgingly I admit I do look forward to meeting the people attending the meeting/courses. There are always stories, ideas and news swapped and shared that I could use to evaluate my life.

This week I found myself in Kuala Lumpur again to attend a meeting and a course – back to back – at a pseudo- 4 star hotel there. My roommate is a lovely charming lady from the headquarter, and since she is the desk officer for the auditing program and I am one of the auditor, we had some lively discussions on the program we are attached in, the issues and constraints we are facing, the policies, the standards and so much more. But I am not going to bore myself talking about work. Last night we were talking about two of our big bosses at the headquarter who amazingly able to juggle meetings (locals & internationals), brainstorming on any updates, monitoring of responsibility, overseeing staffs, family commitment, education and personal life. These are highly efficient people who succeessfully excel in their career as well as in personal life – their children are smart and also excel in their studies, the husbands are wonderfully competent to manage the children while they are away. It almost too good to be true, and yet it is true. Whilst I am sure these two women are not exempted from life trials and tribulations, it is interesting to note that they effectively and efficiently manage these crises, turning problems into manageable challenges and brave enough to take calculative risk. They made changes with their passionate and faith in the system. Not forgetting that these two women also fall back to religion as the foundation of their life. Amazing!

While I have heaps and heaps of praise for them, I can’t help but to reflect their success to myself. If they can do it, what’s stopping me? We are all been given 24 hours – no more and no less. Within this period we have our work and personal life all thrown in. It’s like a big box with certain objects with different sizes. How are going to fit our work and personal life, and those in between that, within 24 hours? how are we going to arrange these objects inside the box without them tumbling down afterwards?

The magic word – Time management! If we allocated our time accordingly, given priority to some matters more than others, learn to say no to trivial, less important matters, I believe we could achieve what these superwomen achieved. I am sure we can find so many websites offering personal coach for time management and effective planning for our career and also personal life. There is no magic elixir or spell that can add extra hours in our day, nor to magically alter your hours to run slower than usual. Your 24 hours is as same as my 24 hours. What you able to do is likely what I will be able to do.

But! Ahhh the over-used word. But no two individual is the same. What works for you might not work for me. No two individuals are the same. Individuals are made up of personalities, and even similar individuals do not share the same outlook and beliefs. So while I admire and have heaps and heaps of praises to these amazing women, I know I am in no rush to achieve that position. I don’t think it is wrong of me to not be too ambitious. I wanna enjoy my work as it is. As I like to do when on the train – look outside the window, see the clouds and smell the nature. I’ll worry what time the train would reach the station later.

Wanna join me? *smile*